Street Art Racing, a new endurance racing team launched on May 27th 2014 during the RMA Track Days at Spa Francorchamps (B), is more than just another racing team built around the legendary Aston Martin brand. In essence, Street Art Racing  is a blend of several exclusive ingredients.

First, the new team’s racing Aston Martin is a GT4, the category closest to a production model, and therefore a ‘Street Car’. Its sculpted lines are, as with all Aston Martins, an art form in themselves.

Secondly, the car is also the last in a line of so-called “Art Cars”, on which the well-known Street Artist, Steve Locatelli, designed a fresco on the actual body of the car – abandoning for the occasion his favourite canvas – walls. As part of his collaboration with the team, the artist also took the chance to experiment with his favourite medium, decorating the walls that travel with the team to personalize their pit boxes wherever on their racing schedule .

Lastly, the name comes from its association with the well-known top chef Yves Matagne – 2 Michelin stars and one of the inventors of luxury Street Food  – who takes care of the food both at certain races and in the Privajet aircrafts, a company close to the Street Art Racing Team.

All these different elements – ‘Street Car’, ‘Street Art’ and ‘Street Food’ – come together in this new racing team around the Aston Martin brand.

The prime focus is endurance trials around the world, and their mid-term objective is to be on the starting grid of the most mythical race of all, the Le Mans 24 hours.

Street Art racing is essentially about bringing together, around the Aston Martin tradition, racing drivers, sponsors, and their VIP guests in a relaxed but refined way to experience the passion of motor racing, gastronomy, and art, from the inside.